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What you need to know if the police seize your property.

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What to do if the police take your property?
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 Forfeitures are a very specific type of law that few lawyers in Mississippi know how to defend.  There are some vital, and very time sensitive, steps must be taken to ensure that you get a chance of recovering your seized property.If the police seize your property, there are some crucial steps that they, and you have to follow.  

Property valued under $10,000.

If the police take money, vehicles, guns, jewelry, etc. that is valued under $10,000 they have to give you what is called a Notice of Intent.  Once they give you that, you have 30 days to file a petition to contest the forfeiture.  If the petition is not filed within 30 days, the property becomes the property of the seizing law enforcement agency.  In addition, the petition MUST be signed by the person claiming the property.  If it is not, the law enforcement entity receives the property.

Property valued over $10,000.

If the police take property worth more than $10,000 they must file a complaint to forfeit seized property within 30 days or they lose.  

There are other equally important time constraints in forfeiture law.  If the police seize your property, make sure your lawyer knows what they are doing.  There are alot of potential slip ups.

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